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A new beginning of 3 & B System for a better world Started

In order to develop technologies for people,
we will pursue further growth based on semiconductor equipment parts business.


3 & B System to write a new history of advanced technology

3 & B System launched from a small office in 2014, has been working with "the best technology engineers in Korea" to realize the needs of customers based on honest technology and conviction with "the best craftsmanship of research". Based on each professional mind and accumulated experience in the field of semiconductor, history and know-how, we have extended our scope to "OEM / ODM / Precision" for remodeling and improving existing products as well as meeting more customers.

Design, Precision Machining and Competitive Price, all employees are always committed to research and development with a sense of mission.
We will always strive for the best quality. We will always develop precise and high quality products by communicating with the best professionals in Korea.We will promote the technology and pride of Korea to the world with products that optimize the balance with the coming future.
We will research and realize that the positive energy of 3NB system will be the benefit of customers.
Thank you.
All 3 & B System employees

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