3&B System Collet material with vespel, torlon and others (dissipative,insulative, conductive) which are depends on the customer requests has the specific characteristic with high temperature resistance, long life span, anti-static, no burrs or chips on the surface which effect the damages and etc..

Also it is widely used in picking up pakages such as low power devices , die bonding application, LED and etc..

3&B System can provides a variety of collets with a minimal processing hole Diameter of customer expectation or requests.

Open Collet – is used during the placement process when there is limited clearance between the die and other components as well as when the die surface is uneven
Close Collet – is used during the placement process when there is no clearance constraint between the die and other components.

With our limitless selection of tools, our customers will benefit from:
- High accuracy in die placement, eliminating die tilt
- Minimum contact with die surface, advantageous with sensitive dies
- Appropriate shank style
- Strong gripping, suitable especially for the Eutectic die bonding process

Ejector needle
3&B System's ejector needle is widely used in die bonding application field and also sorting process which helps the packages dettached from the tape while the pick up tool operation.

For small die applications, use sub-micron grade carbide which prevents tip chipping
For larger die/non-piercing ejection, we recommend wear resistant carbide and an enlarged radius to reduce micro-cracking
Our needles offer top performance at a low cost combined with our accurate automatic machining process.

And we also can manufacture this part with various material such as tungsten carbide, high-speed steel, specialized plastic upon on customer requests. (OEM/ODM)


ST-TYPE PI(Vespel) ST-Type 160×80×17L ST160×80×17L
190×100×17L ST190×100×17L
200×100×17L ST200×100×17L
250×150×17L ST250×150×17L
260×130×14L ST260×130×14L
270×140×17L ST270×140×17L
300×150×17L ST300×150×17L
300×200×17L ST300×200×17L
400×200×17L ST400×200×17L
450×200×17L ST450×200×17L
500×300×17L ST500×300×17L
700×400×17L ST700×400×17L
900×600×17L ST900×600×17L
1100×800×17L ST1100×800×17L
STD-Type 210×110×17L-40 ST210×110×17L-40
BH-Type 200×100×h500×17L BH200×100×H500×17L
200×110×h600×17L BH200×110×H600×17L
200×120×h500×17L BH200×120×H500×17L
210×120×h500×17L BH210×120×H500×17L
PBI(Cerazol) ST-Type 190×100×17L ST190×100×17L-PBI
500×300×17L ST500×300×17L-PBI
BH-Type 200×110×h500×17L BH190×100×h500×17L-PBI
250×150×h500×17L BH250×150×h500×17L-PBI
PEEK ST-Type 360×160×14L ST360×160×14L-PEEK

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